PureWax Nanotech Wax

PureWax Nanotech Wax

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The Ultimate Hybrid Paint Sealant / Wax (previous HD Poxy)


Crafted from mined fossilised Montan Wax, PureWax Nanotech Wax / Sealant is the highest heat resistant wax on the market (Carnauba Wax melts at 187 ° F, whereas Montan Wax melting point is 203°F).

This hybrid paint sealant/wax is chemically formulated to bond onto painted surfaces offering incredible protection and a long lasting durable shine.

PureWax Nanotech Wax / Sealant will darken surface appearance and create depth for the ultimate wet-look shine. For months after application you can be confident you have unparalleled protection against the effects of Mother Nature; bird droppings, acid rain, hard water deposits and many other adverse paint challenges.

474ml (16oz) bottle. 


Shake well before use. Apply PureWax Nanotech Wax / Sealant to a clean, dry surface. PureWax Nanotech Wax / Sealant can be applied by hand or machine. Do not over-apply this product as it will make buffing off more difficult and will not increase the shine or protection. Apply the thinnest coating possible to the whole car and allow product to bond to the surface for at least 15-20 minutes before buffing off with a clean, soft microfibre cloth. Product can be left on for up to 24 hours and will still buff cleanly off. For increased shine and durability, a second coat of PureWax Nanotech Wax / Sealant can be applied after 12 hours.

Apply with a PureWax foam applicator