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Nano Clay Pad 6"


This long lasting PureWax Nano Clay Pad will quickly remove paint over spray, water spots, tree, sap, rail dust, and other bonded surface contaminants from the surface of your automotive paint, glass, mouldings, and plastic. Unlike a clay bar, PureWax Nano Clay Pad can be cleaned by simply rinsing off the accumulated contaminated with water. If you drop the pad on the ground, no worries. Just rinse with PureWax Nano Clay Pad and it is ready to use again. Attaches to any velcro 6" or smaller backing plate.

PureWax Nano Clay Pad works fast and achieves professional results with the new advanced polymerised rubber technology, the next generation of surface preparation.



Introducing the latest and greatest tool for paint decontamination. 1000’s of professional and novice detailers have switched to PureWax Nano Clay Pad. With the introduction of this new technology, you are able to whisk away bonded contaminants faster than ever before. Special polymerised rubber technology allows quick and easy removal of bugs, tar, overspray, rail dust particles and many other industrial pollutants that are attacking your vehicle’s surface every day. Completely 100% safe to use on all parts of your vehicle including paint, glass & wheels.

What makes PureWax Nano Clay Pad different from all other decontamination options is the extended use it offers. Decontaminate up to 50 averaged sized vehicles with just 1 x PureWax Nano Clay Pad. Unlike conventional detailers clay that collects and stores dislodged contaminants within its structure thus weakening its effectiveness, PureWax Nano Clay Pad quickly releases these accumulated harmful pollutants with just a quick flush. After each section just rinse with your choice of lubricant or water and it’s as good as new.  Don’t worry if you drop your PureWax Nano Clay Pad because dirt and debris is just a rinse away allowing for even more use.

  • Lasts 4 times longer than clay bars.
  • Produces a flawless paint surface.
  • Glides on & Off easily for a slick finish.
  • If inadvertently dropped, simply rinse clean.
  • Quick removal of surface contaminants.
  • Easy to use with less effort.
  • Leaves surface smooth as glass.
  • Attaches to any velcro 6" or smaller backing plate.

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