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Waterless Wash & Towel Clean Kit

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Our Signature Product, PureWax Waterless Wash/Detailer is an all purpose cleaner, which makes the cleaning process effortless and works on almost every solid surface.

Our latest PureWax Microfibre Towel Clean is a lemon scented, powerful, “low foam” laundry machine soap specifically designed for Microfibre Cloths which extends the towel's life while maintaining its no-streak plushness.

Products & Features

This pack Includes

  • 2 x PureWax Waterless Wash/Detailer 474ml - Spray the waterless wash after using the Nano Clay Pad and before wiping with the microfibre towel, this will prevent the decontamination from scratching the surface.
  • 1 x PureWax Microfibre Towel Clean 474ml - Powerful detergent designed specifically for Microfibre Cloths.
  • 1 x PureWax Microfibre Cloth 3 Pack - High-Density Professional Grade 400mm x 400mm

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