Purewax NZ

Glass Cleaner 16 Oz (474ml)

  • SEE THE WORLD - NOT YOUR WINDOW - Purewax Glass Cleaner works to remove smudges, dirt, streaks, grease, grime, & more from all your glass surfaces.Make glass disappear before your eyes
  • DRIVE WITH CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE – Spray onto car or motorcycle windshields to quickly remove bugs, sap, grime, dirt, adhesives, haze & more. See the road clearly!
  • AMMONIA FREE - Safe to be used inside the car and at home for your mirrors, glass, shower screens.
  • A TRUE STREAK FREE FORMULA – Other cleaners leave behind a greasy residue or streaks, but not Purewax Glass Cleaner. This ultra-effective formula will clean without leaving a trace on your mirror, window, windshield or any other glass surface.
  • MADE IN USA Easy to Use, Amazing Results – Do you want your glass to sparkle without all the hassle? Simply spray on, allow the product to work, and wipe away with a dry towel or cloth.

    1. For a 100% streak free finish use two microfibre towels.
    2. Take the first towel and dampen with PureWax Glass Cleaner spraying directly onto the towel (this eliminates overspray onto already dressed surfaces).
    3. Thoroughly wipe glass / mirrored areas with this product dampened towel to remove any dirt and grime.
    4. Use the second dry towel to buff to a showroom shine.


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