Purewax NZ

Final Touch 16 Oz (474ml)

  1. INSTANT SHINE - Never settle for an average car polish spray, Final touch is formulated using advance science, to provide a brilliant, protective shine.
  2. NO STREAKS, NO WORRIES - Final Touch is a superior detailer that never leaves your car with smear marks or streaks, this insanely hydrophobic spray keeps your car clean and provides the ultimate shine.
  3. QUICK & CONVENIENT. Final Touch is for ALL vehicles and is a convenient and quick way to give your car ultimate car paint protection. Simply spray on this car sealant and easily wipe it off a few minutes later for a showroom shine that will impress your neighbors.
  4. BRILLIANT SHINE. This quick and easy detailer uses advanced technology to make your car look better than good. Final Touch is easy to apply and works at a nano level to enhance gloss and reflection and give your car a head-turning, brilliant shine.
  5. MADE IN USA Professional results on paint, glass and chrome surfaces.


  1. Make sure your vehicle is in a shaded area and that the vehicle is cool to the touch, make sure it is cleaned with Car soap / Waterless wash
  2. Spray directly onto cool panels that have only light dust or fingerprint / smear contamination.
  3. Wipe up the dirty solution in one direction with a clean microfiber towel. ( We recommend using the Purewax High Grade Microfiber towel)
  4. Buff the area dry with another clean microfiber towel to reveal a high gloss shine.


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