The PureWax Guide to a Perfect Car Wash

Washing your car can be a daunting task, especially if you're unsure of the proper technique. But fear not, car care enthusiasts! PureWax, New Zealand's trusted car care brand, is here to guide you through the process, transforming car washing from a chore into a satisfying experience that reveals a showroom-worthy shine.

Gather Your Arsenal

Before you dive in, ensure you have the essential weapons for car washing success:

  • Buckets: Two buckets are ideal – one for soapy water and another for clean rinse water.
  • Car Wash Soap: Ditch the dish soap! Opt for a high-quality car wash soap from PureWax that's gentle on paintwork and produces a rich lather.
  • Microfiber Wash Mitt: A microfiber wash mitt is essential for removing dirt without scratching the paint.
  • Microfiber Drying Cloths: Separate microfiber cloths are crucial for drying the car without leaving streaks or water spots.
  • Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle: A hose with an adjustable nozzle allows you to control the water pressure for a thorough rinse.
  • Wheel Cleaner (Optional): For heavily soiled wheels, consider a dedicated wheel cleaner from PureWax.
  • Tire Shine (Optional): Restore the blackness and luster of your tires with a PureWax tire shine product.

The PureWax Perfect Wash Process

  1. Park in the Shade: Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause water spots to dry onto the paint before you can wipe them away.

  2. Pre-Rinse: Blast away loose dirt and debris with a forceful stream of water. Pay attention to the wheels and wheel wells.

  3. Soap It Up: Fill your wash bucket with clean water and add the recommended amount of PureWax car wash soap. Dip your wash mitt, creating a good lather.

  4. Wash Like a Pro: Wash the car in sections, starting from the roof and working your way down. Rinse the wash mitt frequently in your clean water bucket to avoid spreading dirt.

  5. The Two-Bucket Rinse: After washing, thoroughly rinse the entire car with clean water from your other bucket. Rinse the wash mitt as well.

  6. Drying Finesse: Pat the car dry with a clean, dry microfiber drying cloth. Use a gentle blotting motion to avoid scratching the paint.

  7. Wheel Attention (Optional): If using a wheel cleaner, follow the product instructions to remove stubborn brake dust and grime from your wheels. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a separate microfiber cloth.

  8. Tire Shine (Optional): Apply a coat of PureWax tire shine to restore the deep black shine and protect your tires from cracking.

PureWax Perfect Wash FAQs

Can I use a sponge instead of a wash mitt?
- While sponges are an option, microfiber wash mitts are generally preferred as they trap dirt more effectively and minimize the risk of scratches.

How often should I wash my car?
- The frequency depends on various factors like weather conditions and how often you drive. As a general rule, aim to wash your car every two weeks, or more often if exposed to rain, dust, or road salt.

What if my car has a lot of bugs splattered on it?
- For stubborn bugs, consider using a dedicated bug remover before washing the car. PureWax offers a bug and tar remover specifically designed for this purpose.


Embrace the Satisfaction of a Perfect Wash

By following these steps and using high-quality PureWax car care products, you can transform car washing into a rewarding experience that leaves your car looking its absolute best. Visit our website or your nearest car care store to explore the PureWax range and find everything you need for a perfect car wash today!