PureWax Exterior Starter Kit: Everything You Need for a Comprehensive Car Detailing Experience

Living in New Zealand, we all know the importance of keeping our cars looking their best. Between the salty sea air, sun, and rain, our vehicles take a beating. But achieving that showroom shine doesn't have to be a chore – especially with the PureWax Exterior Starter Kit.

This all-in-one kit is perfect for car enthusiasts of all levels, providing everything you need to give your car a comprehensive detailing experience, without the need for a hosepipe!

What's Included?

The PureWax Exterior Starter Kit packs a powerful punch, containing four of our most popular car care products:

  • PureWax Waterless Car Wash & Detailer: This innovative formula allows for a water-spot-free clean and shine, perfect for apartment dwellers or those who prefer a quick and convenient detailing session.
  • PureWax Final Touch: Looking for that showroom shine? This product delivers a deep gloss finish, taking your car's appearance to the next level.
  • PureWax Glass Cleaner: Crystal clear vision is essential for safe driving. Our professional-grade glass cleaner cuts through grime and leaves a streak-free, anti-fogging finish.
  • PureWax Tyre Shine & Conditioner: Don't forget about those wheels! This product provides a rich, long-lasting shine while keeping your tyres nourished and protected.

Benefits of Using the PureWax Exterior Starter Kit

Convenience: The waterless wash and detailer eliminates the need for hoses, buckets, and gallons of water. Perfect for busy lifestyles or those with limited space.

  • All-in-one solution: This kit has everything you need for a complete exterior detail, saving you time and money.
  • Professional results: PureWax products are formulated with high-quality ingredients to deliver professional-looking results, right at home.
  • Protection: Our products not only clean and shine, but also provide a layer of protection against the harsh elements.

Getting Started with Your PureWax Exterior Starter Kit

Using the PureWax Exterior Starter Kit is easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Give your car a quick dust off to remove any loose dirt or debris.
  2. Spray the Waterless Car Wash & Detailer onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the car in sections.
  3. Buff the surface with a dry microfiber cloth to achieve a high gloss finish.
  4. Apply the Glass Cleaner to your windows and windscreen for crystal clear visibility.
  5. Finally, use the Tyre Shine & Conditioner to bring back the deep black shine to your tyres.

With the PureWax Exterior Starter Kit, achieving a showroom shine for your car has never been easier. Order yours today and experience the PureWax difference!