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PureWax Speed


PureWax Speed is an ALL-IN-ONE POLISH & WAX. PureWax Speed polishes and protects the painted surface in one easy and simple step. It removes light to moderate surface scratches and swirl marks. This remarkable product restores colour, depth, and gloss while adding a long lasting wax to the surface. Its exceptional open time allows longer polishing and waxing period, and less product use. Great for those who want quick, minor paint correction with protection.

32oz Bottle

Refunds and returns: As per NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. Please contact info@purewax.co.nz or 0800 PUREWX with any enquires.


  • All-In-One Clear Coat Car Polish & Wax
  • Excellent Scratch & Swirl Remover Polish & Sealant
  • Delivers Minor Paint Correction
  • Restores Paint Color, Depth & Gloss while Adding a Long Lasting Wax to the Surface
  • Easy On/Off Formula for Quick Paint Maintenance, Correction & Protection

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