PureWax Glass Cleaner

PureWax Glass Cleaner

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Professional Grade, Anti-fogging formula


This professional grade, easy to use formula will leave glass and mirrors spotless. The ammonia free polymer surfactants in our formula allow you to quickly and easily cut through contaminants while leaving a streak free, anti-fogging barrier. 

474ml (16oz) bottle with spray nozzle.


For a 100% streak free finish use two microfibre towels. Take the first towel and dampen with PureWax Glass Cleaner spraying directly onto the towel (this eliminates overspray onto already dressed surfaces). Thoroughly wipe glass / mirrored areas with this product dampened towel to remove any dirt and grime. Use the second dry towel to buff to a showroom shine.

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Best used with PureWax Edgeless Microfibres.